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Meet Linda

When I found my dream job, I was able to begin balancing my life.

Working in the corporate world 60+ hours a week, anxiety ridden, wondering if I would have a job tomorrow, could I really take a vacation without the computer attached to me, could I take a breath and enjoy life for just one second?  

Just 2 more years! Relief was in sight.  

It was all about being open to possibilities and knowing it was OK to make a change in my life journey.   What I was about to do was outside of the NORM category – what is a NORM category, I ask – it is what I make it!  

I was introduced to a product that left me questioning everything about it, it seemed too simple.   What I experienced was a game changer.   I was able to move forward in living free of anxiety and emotional discomfort.

I began releasing and letting go of everything that had been holding me back, then realized what I thought was an unrealistic dream was actually a great reality.

Today, I am empowering others as they embark on this journey called life.  

I love my newfound JOY and CONFIDENCE, are you ready for a BEGINNING

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