Lifestyle Coaching

A Lifestyle Coach helps clients make lasting improvements to their health and well-being by developing
and implementing a personal plan. Together, we are making a significant dent in some of the toughest challenges
of our times; the epidemics of obesity, sedentary lifestyles, stress, depression, poor nutrition, and ever-rising health
care costs.

Lifestyle Coaching
is an exercise for the brain

Some people see peak wellness as – fit and strong, being at an ideal weight, eating healthy, high energy, balanced and
calm under stress, a positive state of mind, fully engaged and satisfied with life. How do you see your peak wellness?

As a Lifestyle Coach I can assist you in:

Accepting and meeting you where you are today

• Asking you to take charge
• Guiding you in doing the mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidence
• Helping you define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover our natural impulse to be well
• Helping you tap into your innate fighting spirit
• Addressing mental and physical health together
• Helping you draw a personal wellness blueprint
• Helping you set realistic goals; small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy
• Harnessing the strengths needed to overcome our obstacles
• Helping you view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow

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