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Thank You HS. Your treatment allowed me to more fully participate in activities, such as mowing the lawn, planting garden, attended grandson recital all on Friday. Took my wife to accupuncture Sat. morning; finished garden Sat. afternoon. All was more activities than usual.
06/20/2014 Thank you DS Linda Bradbury does amazing work. If you have been nervous to try, now is the time. She will help the stress and pain melt away. Enjoy!
06/05/13 Thank You Candy Pennington Fantastic massage! Thank you. I still feel like I am ‘floating’ when I walk! And my arms are so yummy and moisturized – thanks for all the lotion! You were my fist professional massage – now I see why my Mom goes every month!
05/07/13 Thank You GC Thank you so much, I don’t have the tingling in my fingers anymore. My energy seems to be much better.
01/25/2013 Thank You LH “It was awesome and I felt great. Thank you so much. I will definitely try getting my boyfriend in to see you soon since he needs one. Thank you again.” – LH
09/19/2013 Thank You Tierany Virchow Thank you so much for the massage! It was wonderfully relaxing and the best professional massage I’ve had in years! The personal attention and care you took to make my massage perfect for my needs was much needed and enjoyed. I felt so pampered! I love your new location. You have made getting a massage a tranquil and rewarding experience! I will definitely be back for more.
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