Meet Linda

Linda has always had that compassionate nurturing healing feeling.  Early on I dreamed of being in the Wellness arena, I just wasn’t sure of the direction in which I would travel.

I was introduced to the Wellness field as a Wellness Consultant assisting employers in developing wellness initiatives for their employees.

In 2001 my journey changed and I began exploring what massage therapy and energy could do to transform a person’s wellbeing.  In 2009 I graduated from Massage Therapy Training Institute opening my own business in June of 2009 as a Massage Therapist part time.  In July of 2011 I became a Reiki Master.

In December 2011 I chose a less stressful Lifestyle, stepping out of the  corporate field to operate Inspired Guided Motion full time, this is when I began exploring essential oils in my life.

In January of 2013 my interest in essential oils was heightened and I began sharing how the Young Living products supported my well being.

I now use Essential Oils in my Massage practice bringing only Organic, Therapeutic oils to my clients.

I have a passion for sharing how the Young Living products are gifts to each of us.   When we see and understand the process in which our body functions we are more aware of our environment, nutrition, nutritional resources along with emotional well being.

I admire a company that has a strong belief and a strong desire to bring Wellness, Purpose and Abundance into every home in the world.